Does your site need a tidy-up?

If your site has been on line for some time its sure to need a tidy-up. Things like deal links (link that go no where) can go against you in the search engines. Most sites have dead links as other site owners delete or move things over time.

Other behind the scene things like ALT Text for images is often forgotten. All these little things can make your site so much better for the search engines and your readers.

These days, mobile compatible sites are almost mandatory for Google to even give them a chance. We can check this too!

ODLWEB can do a total site audit and look for items that may affect your site rank or operation which in turn may affect the amount of traffic you receive.

Call us today and we can discuss your site. Initial half hour is free to assess your site to see if we can help you. This is usually done remotely from our office. If we think we can help we will arrange a meeting and get started.